Great shoot this morning and thanks to the Buxted Crew for turning up. If you all enjoyed it as much as we did it was well worth the effort setting it up this morning. Apart from a brief shower the weather held up as well. Hot and humid in the forest though.
The course was quite challenging and there were a fair number of tricky targets and range traps and with the choice of targets and pegs we can pretty much guarantee that the course will be different every time we shoot. A couple of the "old favorit targets" HRPC especially are back in play now and we have a few ideas for clearing some more land to space things out a bit more.
On a different note commiserations to the Lionesses, fantastic effort.

Congratulations to Gary Channing, 56 was a more than decent score today so its a well deserved 1st place for him

Any way on to the scores

Gary Channing 56
Jon Newton-May 55
Martin Nichols 54
Kev Wickson 54
Darren Purnell 54
Steve West 53
Barry Wade 52
David Wade 52
Colin Muggeridge 46
Terry Evans 46
Sam May (.22 Elephant Gun) 41
Christopher Allen 40
C Lampert 39

Our next shoot will be on Sunday 3rd September and Guests will be welcome.
The 60pt challenge will also be reinstated. The rules are simple there's a £60 pot for people who clear the course. If you want to enter its £1. If one person who enters clears the course on the day they pocket £60, if 2 or more people clear it they get £30 each and if more than 2 clear the course the pot is split between them. No shots are impossible and every target gets killed at least once on the day so there are no tricks involved. We used to run this before Covid and everybody enjoyed the challenge so we figured we'd bring it back.