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Thread: Bsa 240 magnum power

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    Bsa 240 magnum power

    What kind of power are you guys getting out your magnums I know they are not as potent as the hw45 and I know power is t everything Iím just curious.
    Thanks Paul

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    Bsa 240

    I have both the HW45/Beeman P1 and the BSA 240 an they are in .177 cal. You are correct that the 240 is not as powerful as the HW45/Beeman P1. However it is very close. At least with the ones I have. My Beeman P1 shoots at about 540 fps with the light RWS Hobby pellets and the BSA 240 is just a bit slower at 520 fps using the same pellets. So that comes out at 4.53 ft lbs for the HW and 4.20 for the 240. I find the larger heavier 45 easier to shoot accurately as the smaller 240 has a bit more snappy recoil. That's not to say you can't shoot the BSA well I just find it takes a bit more practice. Both nice pistols.

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    yes agree, around 4-4.5 FP

    On mine the spring guide was very tight, so I reduced it a fraction, and that yielded a healthy improvement from 3.5 to 4.5

    I then chopped a coil off and it settled to 4FP, being a little easier to cock and easier to be accurate with.
    Always looking for any cheap, interesting, knackered "project" guns. Thanks, JB.

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