The day was dry, sunny at times, a pleasant 19C, and the wind, although light, proved treacherous at times.

The experimental format was one 30 target course in the morning session, then tea, coffee and delicious sausage in a bread roll for lunch, followed by a second course in the afternoon. Not bad value for a tenner all in.

Two PBs were recorded, the first was 54 by Ewan Strachan, the second was 51 by Trevor Gardner, so congratulations to both.

We did not think to ask everyone to mark their cards with the session number, so I’ll just post everyone’s total score for the day.

Stu Dodd 114
Phil Soper 112
Neil Palmer 111
Jason Cowan 110
Mike Hymas 103
Ken Pothecary 103
Ewan Strachan 102 (inc. PB 54)
Bill Birch 102
Georgie Smith 102
Dave Galichan 101
Jason Bressington 100
Dave Freeman 99
Brian Pollard 99 (sticks)
Neil Robinson 98
Keith Plummer 96
Nigel Gosling 96
Trevor Gardner 94 (inc. PB 51)
Geoff Jones 94 (sticks)
Alex Dermietzel 88
Keith Jones 88
Andrew Bradbury 79
Phil Moran 75
Abby Harts 59
Mark Stretton 54 (one course)
Graham Cole 48 (one course).
D Hounsome 25 (first HFT, one course)

Brett Holloway 98
Stew Searle 85
Nick Stanhope 85
Andy Bell 79
Adrian Tye 46 (one course)

Cash prizes were awarded to top PCP (£70 Stu Dodd), top springer (£40 Brett Holloway) and there was a bonus bunny of £50, won by, err, Stu Dodd.

Thanks to all who attended for the great company, and we have decided that the event was such a success that we will be holding similar events in the future.

Thanks to Perry, Ady, Dave, Stu, Bill and me for preparing the courses, to John and Lee for arranging the food, and especially to Andy for cooking it.