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Thread: ATN Mars LT 320 thermal 3-6x25

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    ATN Mars LT 320 thermal 3-6x25

    I'll be honest, I only bought it because of the price, (& having cash from just selling my old X-trail) as Optics warehouse had 4 on sale at 539.95.

    I'll get the minor disappointment out of the way first, 3-6x25 is not like an optical scope, 3-4-5-6x,
    it's 3x with a 2x digital zoom to give 6x, so it's either/or.

    The Mars has the look/style of a normal day scope & uses standard 30mm rings to attach, so immediately feels easy to use.
    A choice of 4 ret's, mil-dot, ladder, L4dot & dot which are focused with the ocular diopter , while the range is focused with an objective ring, it also has a removeable rubber eye cup.

    The buttons on top select the mag zoom, black/white hot, display contrast & screen brightness, so not too complicated,
    the OK button also does the "Non-uniformity correction" (NUC) if manual is selected, which 'cleans' the image.

    As the first use will be rats in the garden, going after the bird food, I've put it on the Scorpion .25cal & zeroed shooting ice cubes, at 25yds,
    my initial impression is that it's a very impressive piece of kit for such a low price.

    Quick edit,
    I took it out to my bit of land, spotted a fox at about 120yds would be an easy shot, cattle at 300yds ish easy to ID as cattle,
    a flock of sheep way across the valley I could see as white lumps in a field, the scope picked up the hot spots, obviously not identifiable but the OS map gives the LOS as 1.8km

    Photo's back up
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