Hi All (possibly just the one of you )

And yet again a big THANK YOU to today’s host – Horsham – for setting a challenging course and for all the obvious enhancements you have made (and continuing to make) to your facilities. Fab new interior to the clubhouse and a full refresh of your zero range. Both already make the club more fun to use, for members and visitors alike. With more to come, we’re all looking forward to a return in the future.

After Round 8’s equal lowest top score of the year, today saw the equal highest – an excellent 59 from Ewan; great shooting young man Brilliant weather too, with more than a touch of the Indian Summer feel to it; sunny, warm and very little wind. But the latter was present and would catch you out if not spotted or just plain ignored.

Here are the full results:

Firstname Surname Club Class Score % Badge Team place
Ewan Hobbs Visitor O 59 100.0% Gold
Darryle Bundock Oaks O 57 96.6% G T
Charles Peal Oaks O 57 96.6% G T
Mike Burgess Oaks V 56 94.9% G T
Graeme Cargan Oaks O 56 94.9% G
Aaron Friend Oaks O 56 94.9% G T
Simon Vant Oaks O 56 94.9% G T
Alicia Franks Oaks L 55 93.2% G
Howard Kalisch Buxted O 55 93.2% G T
Jon Newton-May Buxted O 55 93.2% G T
Mark Rackley Oaks V 55 93.2% G
Matthew Franks Oaks O 54 91.5% Silver
Vince Guy Oaks O 54 91.5% S
Tom Haynes Oaks R 54 91.5% G
Nick Orr Oaks O 54 91.5% S
Steve Britland Horsham O 53 89.8% S T
Phil Moody Horsham V 53 89.8% G T
Paul Blaxall Meon Valley V 51 86.4% G T
Gary Channing Buxted O 51 86.4% S T
Darren Purnell Buxted O 51 86.4% S T
Kevin Wickson Buxted O 51 86.4% S T
Dax Browning Meon Valley O 50 84.7% S T
Martin Dudley Horsham V 50 84.7% G T
Tony Johnson Barbarians V 50 84.7% G
Martin Nicholls Buxted O 50 84.7% S
Richard Wheeler Ford O 50 84.7% S T
Nigel Carter Purbeck FTC V 49 83.1% S
Barry Wade Buxted V 49 83.1% S
Simon Whittick Horsham V 49 83.1% S T
Adrian Wright Meon Valley O 49 83.1% Bronze T
David Henderson Meon Valley V 48 81.4% S T
Hugborg Hudson Meon Valley L 48 81.4% S T
Stefan Avey Oaks O 47 79.7% B
Daniel Hudson Meon Valley O 47 79.7% B
Nick Byrne Meon Valley .22 46 78.0% S
Justin Roberts Ford O 46 78.0% B T
Dave Barnes Meon Valley V 45 76.3% S
Steb Martinez Ford O 45 76.3% B T
Dave Wade HRPC O 45 76.3% B
Paul Charman Buxted .22 44 74.6% B
David Wheeler Ford O 44 74.6% T
Steven Avey Oaks O 43 72.9%
Roy Pearce MAD V 43 72.9% B
Trevor Hudson Meon Valley Sticks 42 71.2% B
Barbara Pearce MAD V 42 71.2% B
Richard Wickenden ® Ford O 42 71.2% T
David Wilshaw Meon Valley R 42 71.2% B
Chris Allen Buxted O 41 69.5%
Richard Chase ® Ford R 41 69.5% B
Carrol Lamport Buxted O 41 69.5%
Steve Saunter Buxted Sticks 41 69.5% B
Kevin Allen Horsham R 40 67.8% B T
Redders Bluer Meon Valley .22 40 67.8% B
John Knapman Ford O 40 67.8%
Ian Munnery Horsham V 40 67.8% B
Maryam Shapouri Oaks L 40 67.8% B
Glen Turner Ford O 40 67.8%
Derek Watson ® Horsham R 39 66.1% B
Martin Cook Buxted R 37 62.7%
Michael Myszyn Buxted Sticks 37 62.7%
Ray Munnery Horsham O 36 61.0%
Jo Bluer Meon Valley L 34 57.6%
Thaddeus Allen Buxted P 31 52.5%
Charley Grey Ford R DNF 0

As well as the badges noted above, there were 2 new/final SIHFT Platinum badges awarded (for achieving 5 Golds) today. These went to Jon Newton-May and Phil Moody

All clubs fielded at least a full team of 5 bodies. And the results are:

Club Round 9 scores Round 9 points Total scores Total points
Oaks 282 12 2503 107
Buxted 263 11 2409 100
Meon Valley 246 10 2145 89
Horsham 245 9 1833 80
Ford 227 8 1821 76

Today’s lucky draw winners were:

£64 Bonus Bunny – Kev Wickson (after Glen T lost out by having an early bath)
Air Arms Goody Bag – Richard Wickenden

Can you spot any errors in this post? Have I spelt your name correctly? Do I have you down for the correct club/class? – please message me directly.

With the today’s round of the 2023 SIHFT being the last of the competition series, that just leaves us with the End-of-year event to come and have fun, collect trophies and be present for the cash prize draw. This is being hosted by Mile Oak on Sunday 29th October. Details to follow.

What else is happening between now and then ……

We have the charity shoot – aka the Sussex 50 - at Buxted on Sunday 15th Details are already ‘out there’, but I know that more will follow soon and is already appearing on social media pages.

Then there are the final 2 rounds of the 2023 UKAHFT – a double-header at Emley Moor and Redfearns on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd.

Do you know of anything else local(ish)? If so, please do share.