using flopover targets today we had our 1st fully compliant ukhft rules course, thanks to the course setters, chefs and club runners. a hard but enjoyable course.
30 bonus bunny went to ray smith and a tin of pellets of thair choice went to steve kill (angila tackle and gun shop)
scores are as follows
0.22 andy day 48
0.22 shaun pecock 40
0.22 kelly lovedy 36
junior jude neri 43
Open gordon smith 49
Open joanne cogger 49
Open david etheridge 48
Open james green 47
Open keith jex 43
Open shaun woodley 43
Open stuart gage 42
springer jake day 49
springer steve kill 33
sticks earl lange 51
sticks david nice 43
sticks ray smith 41
sticks adam maizey 39
sticks alan blundll 37
sticks gary clemence 27
sticks adrian kinsbury 26
vets kevin turner 51
vets rob pierri 48
vets simon eley 46
vets squeay daws 35