As our laws differ, dont even know if you get this one in the UK? Still, might be of interest to get a grasp on it no?

Yep. 90cc plenum and a 700mm barrel. In this case in 25cal. Yep. That sturdy flight case there is part of the package.

Uhu. Of course regulated, while Rex for some reason kept with adjustment of it being part of a teardown. Yep. Adjusts from within per the old days.

Cool enough. Any drawbacks then?
IMO yes. For starters, being a "chassis gun" this one is a rather heavy girl. Kit installed (scope, bi-pod aso) shes an easy 5kg which i at least kind of frown upon this day n age. That shes a long girl in turn comes with the territory id say, but.. keep that thought for now.
The one REAL mishap designing this one is the lack of adjustment for the trigger. Its to the point that its one of the issues im going to solve on the heavy machinery of mine cause enough of that already.
Truth be told tho.. trigger is semi decent as is.

Imperative part though, will it shoot? Id say yes. This is using JSBs 33.95 pellets around 900 @ 30 meters. Flyer is no doubt on me, and mind you this is NOT me sitting down to go "full retard" mode as far as accuracy. More so just sitting down, putting the rifle on a rest (no bi-pod IOW) and not using the stock mono pod out rear ... firing away.
IOW that there is sure to be improved upon. No doubt.

Barrel sports a choke right and chokes normally spells death to slugs.

Well. This is the payload using H&Ns 34 hollow point slugs, same distance. In short the folks at Rex got something right, lets agree on that. Have since used it firing the slugs at elevated speeds and greater distance (46m) why it only turned even more accurate.
So yeah. Yes Sir even.

One thing common to all Rex guns is that their valves flow well. As in really well. Notice the little "screw" that the poppet protrudes through. Yep. Theres an o-ring in there, and the crush on said o-ring is thus adjustable and thereby the seal.
A solution ive implemented myself that works rather well.

To be clear the thing to the letter oozes of quality. It really does. Its all aluminium apart from the grip n the cheek piece, and fit n finish is bar none. FX level and then some. Put together in a manner that if youre in the loop as far as PCPs the Meta will hand you no news of any kind.

This however... no no no no. Just NO! So.. ill be tearing into that and handle the situation no doubt. Then keep in mind that ALL other Rex guns to my knowledge are adjustable. No, not a match quality anything, but a GOOD weighed trigger group that does the job WELL.

Yeah. So, length. I turned me a new diffusor for the shroud out of steel and indexed that on the stock barrel.
Well. Shes a tall girl right, and as it turns out...

...that thing there is bolted to the barrel. Well. A diffusor is there to direct spent air down into the shroud right. Then it doesnt help to have the through hole on the front at a diameter WAY larger than the pills used, ill tell ya that much! That thing is in turn 120mm long, for whatever reason, and that builds on the already tall 700mm barrel - and sorry to say to no avail really.

Yes. That diffusor of mine first up turned the shroud way more active (and the shroud has also been setup to use filler) but second of all due that came to make the rifle even more quiet too. Exhaust note in turn turned darker, why.. all wins in my book.

So this took like 100mm out of the length of the gun where it counts the most, out front. So yes. Very happy with the outcome of that

So far, we just got freezing temps over here in viking land, shes just got to one rat. Not for the lack of trying though, seems the rats dont wanna leave their burrows for a few days here..
Well get to them though.