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    Reximex Meta Premium

    As our laws differ, dont even know if you get this one in the UK? Still, might be of interest to get a grasp on it no?

    Yep. 90cc plenum and a 700mm barrel. In this case in 25cal. Yep. That sturdy flight case there is part of the package.

    Uhu. Of course regulated, while Rex for some reason kept with adjustment of it being part of a teardown. Yep. Adjusts from within per the old days.

    Cool enough. Any drawbacks then?
    IMO yes. For starters, being a "chassis gun" this one is a rather heavy girl. Kit installed (scope, bi-pod aso) shes an easy 5kg which i at least kind of frown upon this day n age. That shes a long girl in turn comes with the territory id say, but.. keep that thought for now.
    The one REAL mishap designing this one is the lack of adjustment for the trigger. Its to the point that its one of the issues im going to solve on the heavy machinery of mine cause enough of that already.
    Truth be told tho.. trigger is semi decent as is.

    Imperative part though, will it shoot? Id say yes. This is using JSBs 33.95 pellets around 900 @ 30 meters. Flyer is no doubt on me, and mind you this is NOT me sitting down to go "full retard" mode as far as accuracy. More so just sitting down, putting the rifle on a rest (no bi-pod IOW) and not using the stock mono pod out rear ... firing away.
    IOW that there is sure to be improved upon. No doubt.

    Barrel sports a choke right and chokes normally spells death to slugs.

    Well. This is the payload using H&Ns 34 hollow point slugs, same distance. In short the folks at Rex got something right, lets agree on that. Have since used it firing the slugs at elevated speeds and greater distance (46m) why it only turned even more accurate.
    So yeah. Yes Sir even.

    One thing common to all Rex guns is that their valves flow well. As in really well. Notice the little "screw" that the poppet protrudes through. Yep. Theres an o-ring in there, and the crush on said o-ring is thus adjustable and thereby the seal.
    A solution ive implemented myself that works rather well.

    To be clear the thing to the letter oozes of quality. It really does. Its all aluminium apart from the grip n the cheek piece, and fit n finish is bar none. FX level and then some. Put together in a manner that if youre in the loop as far as PCPs the Meta will hand you no news of any kind.

    This however... no no no no. Just NO! So.. ill be tearing into that and handle the situation no doubt. Then keep in mind that ALL other Rex guns to my knowledge are adjustable. No, not a match quality anything, but a GOOD weighed trigger group that does the job WELL.

    Yeah. So, length. I turned me a new diffusor for the shroud out of steel and indexed that on the stock barrel.
    Well. Shes a tall girl right, and as it turns out...

    ...that thing there is bolted to the barrel. Well. A diffusor is there to direct spent air down into the shroud right. Then it doesnt help to have the through hole on the front at a diameter WAY larger than the pills used, ill tell ya that much! That thing is in turn 120mm long, for whatever reason, and that builds on the already tall 700mm barrel - and sorry to say to no avail really.

    Yes. That diffusor of mine first up turned the shroud way more active (and the shroud has also been setup to use filler) but second of all due that came to make the rifle even more quiet too. Exhaust note in turn turned darker, why.. all wins in my book.

    So this took like 100mm out of the length of the gun where it counts the most, out front. So yes. Very happy with the outcome of that

    So far, we just got freezing temps over here in viking land, shes just got to one rat. Not for the lack of trying though, seems the rats dont wanna leave their burrows for a few days here..
    Well get to them though.

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    Sounds and looks like a budget FX.. how much / $$$ / SKr ??
    Always looking for any cheap, interesting, knackered "project" guns. Thanks, JB.

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    Daarn Saaarf!
    Sounds like a very expensive rimfire.. how much / $$$ / SKr ??
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    Using an online converter it comes to approx 780

    On it being an "almost FX".
    Ill be blunt, no. No its not. As a design excercise sure theres a few points that are true for both, but.. nah. When you start undressing this thing, as a design, its vastly different vs say an Impact or a Wildcat.

    Nah. What has come to strike me the most is the, in essence, non adjustable trigger. Sure. Theres like an adjuster on the rod that runs between the trigger blade and the trigger group but to be blunt.. at this level thats unacceptable. Can it be "rewired" without major surgery? At this point, dunno. Havent dug that far into it yet. As i intend to keep this rifle for a while i WILL attend to it however. Rest assured.

    Instruction pamphlet that comes with is on the Meta in general, sorts of as a "system" for lack of better words, and already where were at theres a few versions noted. Nothing dedicated for the Premium in other words. Again... build Q is right up there with the big boys, it REALLY is. Just feels like.. they rushed the Meta into the market. Not production per se but the market more so.

    What makes me state that?
    Trigger, as ive mentioned a zillion times by now, but whats more.. Now take to heart that i guess im not the easiest customer to satisfy and indeed.. when at this level weve sure left Kansas and if you opt to play with the big boys that carry pants youd better be able to back that up.
    Heres an example...
    O-rings. Their size often being "semi" debatable in many an instance. I build my own moderators and to be truthful that BSA R-10 in 177 im still knee deep into set a new bench mark as far as being silent in operation. It became so, partly at least, due attention to detail.

    This Meta sounded.. "harsh". So what i did was use a common hanky to see where pressure came out where it should NOT upon firing cause that it did was obvious, and it did. Due that i looked through my box of o-rings and came up with a breech seal one size smaller. Indeed, in a jiffy way better.
    Then it turns out that we experience an ever so minor leak between the valve and the main block (iow valves outside), from what it seems. I know. I know all to well, this IS nitpickin.. No matter, my point is that theres points/places to be IMPROVED upon.
    Hence, put to the market to soon. I feel they should have given this unit the time of day and let it mature, still kept within the factory gates. What i put forth are small things, to me at least they are, which should have been handled by Reximex at this level.

    Will i get by?
    Oh I SURE will! Make no mistake, im the dude with lathes, a full on Bridgeport.. AC/DC TIG and what not, youd better BELIEVE ill get by - thats not the point is it?
    Point is that when average Joe forks over 780 for an "unknown" hes entitled to a gun that lives up to par.

    It does not?
    Weeeeeell.. yes n no then. I guess. Again. I guess what im saying is that this IS a downright fantastic gun and Reximex IS a brand on the move and as such.. i guess this is to be expected? Growing pains. Or is it? Ill toss the Q back at you guys, at THIS level.. SHOULD even a breech seal be able to be improved upon? Were talking a common o-ring setup here, its not exactly rocket science is it. The o-ring ON the barrel and the one in the spares bag the exact same ones. More importantly issues like this that are CHEAP to remedy. SIMPLE to remedy, yet it wasnt done. It kind of makes me wonder, cause for the absolute most part the gun is put together with an attention to detail that WILL put FX and so forth to shame. Then.. next breath and "youre OUTTA here!". Who OKd this? Why wasnt this stuff looked into a TON better by Reximex?

    Details and just me being anal?
    Maybe so. But that wasps nest right there.. the guys at Reximex simply cant afford this - IMHO. Which IS a pity cause as i say.. absolutely FANFRIGGINTASTIC rifle on all counts!

    Other way around, on closing, so... the put effort into that overkill diffusor setup. Spent time n money on that (which from a practical POW amounts to rather specific ZERO) but fail to drill n tap for regular M3 stoppies on the sear et al.

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    I do like your post on things we can't have, It reminds me of Jim Bowen on Bullseye:-

    "And here's what you could have had"

    On a more serious note I do find your posts interesting and informative , keep on tuning and posting.

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    Hey thx!

    Tell you what. Push came to shove and i took the thing apart. Again.
    Now getting the trigger group out of there, and after a bit of thinking.. yep. The sear would most certainly take an adjuster screw. Design even made for it.
    Sear is of course out of hardened steel so.. annealed that and took a 2.5mm drill bit to it on the drill press. That.. followed by an M3 tap. Trigger group is "weighed" alright and consists of three parts in essence, and a couple of springs naturally.

    Ok. So an M3 allen stoppie that got handed a dab of superglue, basically to NOT move when not asked to (Yes, instead of Loctite)

    As it turns out the three parts the hinged on pins, and running rather tight at that. So handed that very light weight oil and moved it around a bit, which helped. Ditto in turn for the actual trigger blade midships... and back in the parts went.

    Replaced the one spring with a slightly stiffer one and guess what...

    An absolute delight of a two stage trigger. That simple. Breaks like the fabled glass rod.

    This truly transformed the gun. All of a sudden you could work with it. MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR difference, and this due ONE mere piece of M3 stoppie.

    Very very pleased with the outcome. REAL happy.. Gun came to show me an ENTIRELY different face it felt like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Racing View Post
    Hey thx!

    Tell you what. Push came to shove and i took the thing apart. Again.
    Now getting the trigger group out of there, and after a bit of thinking.. yep. The sear would most certainly take an adjuster screw. Design even made for it.
    Sear is of course out of hardened steel so.. annealed that and took a 2.5mm drill bit to it on the drill press. That.. followed by an M3 tap. Trigger group is "weighed" alright and consists of three parts in essence, and a couple of springs naturally.

    Ok. So an M3 allen stoppie that got handed a dab of superglue, basically to NOT move when not asked to (Yes, instead of Loctite)

    As it turns out the three parts the hinged on pins, and running rather tight at that. So handed that very light weight oil and moved it around a bit, which helped. Ditto in turn for the actual trigger blade midships... and back in the parts went.

    Replaced the one spring with a slightly stiffer one and guess what...

    An absolute delight of a two stage trigger. That simple. Breaks like the fabled glass rod.

    This truly transformed the gun. All of a sudden you could work with it. MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR difference, and this due ONE mere piece of M3 stoppie.

    Very very pleased with the outcome. REAL happy.. Gun came to show me an ENTIRELY different face it felt like.
    Pleased to hear that bud sounds like you well and truly sorted it, nowadays theres no excuse for poor trigger on a pcp.

    I have a Reximex Lyra and after a strip on polish the trigger is nice for sure.

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    We do have the Reximex meta, tube cylinder version.
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    Thx guys.

    Well, on the trigger. Thats just the point isnt it? The Lyra, Pretensis, Zone, Ixia and so forth.. all got the (more or less) same trigger group really. Which with a little hands on TLC tossed into the mix works really really well IMO.

    On the Meta though them parts are out of steel (theyre not on the rest of the bunch) and as noted..
    The caveat here being that it MIGHT very well be that MY rifle is where an oversight has been made, cause the instruction manual for the Meta sure tells theres an adjustment screw in there.
    Thus.. it MIGHT be just my rifle.
    Dunno if thats better or worse such a case scenario though?

    No matter however as it got sorted by me installing that screw myself and whats more that first up slip collar i made for the first stage spring in turn (which is on the actuator rod) made for wonders - and in turn the "re-balance" of the weighed trigger group certainly did its fair share as well.

    Am i on a whole talking well of Reximex as a brand?
    For the most part their guns are in whats best described as a hornets nest price wise IMO. Competition is fierce to say the least, and indeed Reximex IS a new brand to the market..
    By now theyve been around for a little while and if theres ONE "general" complaint ive got its their QC as far as making sure their units are torqued together as should. Ive due this made it a downright habit to pick the guns entirely apart (always do anyways, with ALL PCPs i get on the bench) and then put them back together, and its been more than once ive run into fasteners that simply hasnt been installed as should.
    That however does not detract from the "base" impression by these units.

    Indeed a sorts of "higher end" take on the Krals to be honest (from what ive gathered was the intent), and they DO pull it off. One thing that ive come to take to heart especially is their extensive use of close tolerance pins instead of threaded counterparts, making for that tolerances can be kept really really tight - and theyll stay that way over time. A both smart and good call in my book.

    The Meta Premium the i guess is exactly that. Reximex Premium model, or intended to be at least. As such something as my complaint there on the trigger simply isnt acceptable. Reximex needs to sort that out, and that in a hurry if they want to have their "flagship model" priced even where it is as of current.

    Build quality on a whole though, as well as design and execution thereof, is way way above their weight class on the Meta Premium in my opinion. The fit and finish leaves rather precise nothing to come down on. Impressive in my book seeing the hang tag of these things.

    Whats more Reximex to my knowledge is THE only Turkish brand that holds any sorts of aftersales. They do keep a Facebook forum and ive seen end users pop up presenting issues and Reximex has been there like hawks sorting it out at the drop of a hat.
    This day and age its in my opinion not Reximex doing it right as much as its the other Turkish brands doing it wrong. Hatsan for instance.. FOR a joke in comparsion!
    (Btw. Just bought me an Aselkon/Interarms MX-10 for a song at an auction. Going to be very interesting picking that apart too as it shows up)

    But yes.
    There are spots to the sun here in the case of the Meta Premium.
    Reximex being absolutely clear of what i do, i have written them on the subject of their mags for instance. The 12fpe crowd in its own rights, utmost respect for that, but the rest of the world is pointing one direction and one direction only..
    Higher and higher muzzle energies being the norm and thus to keep it subsonic that brings..... heavier and heavier pills. Its just the name of the game i guess. Seeing that, the limiting factor to the Meta Premium is the limited depth of the mags.

    For the 22cal guns ive worked around this in two way. The one simpler than the other.
    1/ I put the acrylic lid on the lathe and shave approx 1.5mm from its inside. Yes. This will make "see through" a memory but it WILL hand that heavier (read - longer) pills can be used.
    2/ The Reximex and Kral mags are absolute dead ringers for each other, with the only difference being that the Kral mags are approx 3mm deeper. As it turns out this Meta will handle that need be, the probe being that retracted that you can shave them 3mm from the rear wall of the mag well need be.

    Ive thus put to Reximex that it might be an idea offering "high performance" main blocks that take the Kral mags for those so inclined. The 700mm barrel in combination with the 90cc plenum speaks loads as far as intent...why i at least came to pick a 25cal.
    Reason being that for the given platform that brings i can get "decent" MEs without breaking a sweat.. But as that keeps increasing (power output that is) the 25 will be limited at a certain level too, of course.

    Is the Meta a contender vs the high end boys?
    Where were at, no. The platform needs a bit more tweaking to accomplish that as far as im concerned. Can it however be BUILT into being such a contender? Yes. Yes it can, theres no doubt in my mind on that one.
    Ergo that should really be on Reximex, shouldnt it? If they can tweak that Meta Premium platform into what i describe per above id even state it kind of becomes a no-brainer really.

    Yeah well.
    IMO many a PCP shooter "over shoot" their needs, and this by quite a fair margin. For hunting and general plinking for instance is a regulator NEEDED? For the average hunter my take on that is.. no.
    For more in depth use and target practice and what have you? Yes. Sure, but my point still is that for the general "mass" of PCP shooters.. not so much. Simply as they wont go about firing twohundred and oumpty shots on a row without a revisit to the scuba or compressor.
    Is a reg NEEDED for accuracy, as weve grown accustomed to being a reality out of PCPs? Again no. Very very high levels of accuracy can certainly be had sans.

    Be that as it may (or not) it still is a simple reality today that more or less all PCPs sport a reg and as such arise the next issues. First up, is the reg design any good? Does it work as intended, cause all sure do not. For the FAC crowd and the rest of the world, is there plenum volume enough to make the most out of the reg use?

    I believe by that you see where im going with this. Loads of what goes down can sure be chalked up as trick of the week, and seeing where his is heading.. Well.

    So a tricked out Meta is the bees knees then?
    Is that what im saying?

    Let me put it this way.
    The higher end puffs do carry a hang tag that makes them out of reach to if not most at least many. For whatever reason really.
    As we dwell on certain solutions and narratives its only natural that the effects of this "dribble downwards" and we see the midrange segment sport the same features the more expensive guns did just like a year or two back.
    I truly believe that if Reximex sorts this out theyve got a winner on their hands, but that said.. it HAS to keep the approx same price range such a case scenario.

    Mods coming up for my own unit?
    Already made me one of my latest design moderators for it, and it sure works. This one still on a 28mm tube though and seeing the performance level here im going to mimic the exact same thing on a 35mm tube, in essence to handle the larger volumes of air better (read - less violent within).
    Next up, i already reamed the hole for the power adjuster out to 9mm flat with a reamer. Going to redo that, setting it to 10mm flat as i believe thatll hand be better resolution of the dial in case.

    Long term? Im already looking rather die hard at the more "massive" parts the gun is made up from, trying to figure out where i could pull lightening cuts on the Bridgeport of mine. This IS a heavy gun, and IMO to no avail really.
    Yep. This will entail the install of a CF bottle too no doubt - as every gram counts as far as im concerned. Yes. The Meta Premium is indeed available with a CF bottle it just isnt imported up here to my knowledge.

    This entire novel done then....
    Yes. Yes, it is an amazing piece of kit the Meta Premium seeing what it costs.

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    Just to be clear beforehand..
    Can we agree on that ALL PCPs benefit from a bit of hands on?

    Ive given this rifle flack for its lack of trigger adjustability, and believe im in the right doing so. That being said it MIGHT be just my particular rifle, that other Metas DO sport said adjustment grub screw.

    Day came to take the entire enchillada apart as far as trigger group n hammer. Hammer looks a tad weird to be honest as its slightly conical in shape, for whatever reason.
    I found the action on the gun a tad stiff which is why i thought id attend to that.
    As i got the hammer out it showed it carried "the BSA illness".
    Yep. Hammer is (or was now) plated and indeed the plating had started to chip n fall off. So tossed the hammer on the lathe and let it taste some 400 grit emery at 2000rpms.. which made for all the difference.
    Now hammer action is REAL smooth, as is cocking effort on a hole. Be adviced this using a dual hammer spring setup, and ALSO that this dual setup is NOT to increase hammer spring by "oumph" amounts but more so as duals make for a more linear function in force and thus a more .. shall we call it comfortable setup to work with.

    Where im at this thing is spitting 34 grain pills downrange around 1050-1060, and this then still on relatively sane reg pressure (150-155 bar approx). That doesnt say ill leave it as is, and what im getting at there is that one of the few parts i havent had apart on this thing by now but will is the regulator itself.
    To polish the contact surfaces on the belleville washers and what not. Does reg pressure jump around? Nope. Not at all, its just me that... "seeing is believing". Kind of. I just want to be 100% ontop of whats given.

    That hammer job seems to have done the trick tho. Have to say. There was a tendancy of being a tad "coarse" to the action beforehand, if you know what im striving for here, and thats all gone now.
    On that note, the actual loading lever handle i find a tad sharp at the edges why what i did first up was make sure the M4 thread in there was all the way down. Then i shoved an allen stoppie down there and thus i got to adjust that thing so that the actual pin was BARELY able to move/rotate.
    Yes. Aware this will i increase wear on the actual loading arm, dont care. Whats more i believe im going to dress that pin using shrink sleeve, to make it way softer to the touch when working the thing.

    Im aware this might sound like im coming down on the rifle in case, which im by any measure not. My own Impact, Wildcat and what have you have certainly seen their fair share of "small jobs" pulled too, so its by FAR Meta specific.
    It IS just me being anal.

    On a whole though this piece is starting to sink in i believe. Im really starting coming to terms with it and summary of that is..?

    I like it. I really do.
    As 90% of my shooting is done from a rest, of some sorts, the weight of it doesnt really bother ME.. but i could very well see it bother someone else cause it IS heavy being what it is.
    So yeah.
    I truly feel Reximex should hand the Meta Premium lightning cuts. Thus ive also arrived on that the aluminium bottle ill replace with a CF one, out of that reason alone.

    Power and accuracy wise though its all there. No argument and no ills what so ever. it just.. works.
    Should the regulator adjustment be redone so it can be adjusted from the outside somewhere down the line? TBH.. dunno about that cause picking the thing apart is rather simple, to readjust reg pressure that is. I guess Rex has their reason to set the reg as they did... and to be candid it at least hasnt bothered ME all that much. Then again.. own several compressors so..

    Nah. The main downfall of the Meta, IMO, is the limited depth mags. All due respect as far as the 12fpe crowd the rest of the world runs a tad different direction.
    Is there a solution?
    As noted several actually. Gripe, to me, is that this hasnt been attended to from Reximex. It really should

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    Gun kind of just works.
    Delivers. Accurate.


    So i believe ill convert it to 2mm poppet spindle. More oumph never hurt anyone.

    Might be i cut them 3 mills into the main block while at it. Need to check what Kral mags run.

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    It would be great to see some pictures of the gun apart next time you're working on it...sounds very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to post.

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    Sure will, and truth be told this thread should have been updated long ago so thx for bringing it to the top.

    Said n done... aaaaaand...

    This coupled with some finger tip feel as far as transfer port.. well. It worked why this piece since a while back is spitting out 42s going 1060fps +/-. In short thats a good bit beyond 100fpe for ya right there, and the beauty is that that fenomenal barrel couldnt care less if pellets or slugs. AFAIK its on a 1:16 twist so no wonder.

    Here a tidbit tho..
    I had a minor leak upstreams of the valve. Ie; between the valve and first up the power adjuster port and second up of course the barrel.
    This had me running around like a one legged chicken for a GOOD while until i ripped this thing apart once and again... when i realized that drilling into that main block...well

    For a long while there i thought i had injured the grooves for the rings on the actual valve, but.. not so. As it turned out..
    Theres this little access hole drilled to keep a small steel spring loaded ball that index the mag. Running the larger dia transfer i juuuuuust broke into that. Hence the noise.. Solution was as simple as the task to find it was stiff.
    Just drilled and tapped that hole. Installed the grub screw that holds the steel ball n spring with a tad of Loctite.. then yet another grub to seal off the other end (picture).
    That being said ive played around quite a bit with the barrel too, trying to see what harmonics does vs whats downright steps in the wrong direction.

    Hm. The shroud is.

    Rear bung for the shroud threads into the main block, and that as it turns out was baaaaad. So off that thread came and the bung to work via a couple of grubs. This made the barrel float way better, and the rest of it was playing around with various moderator designs, and weights by all means, until i saw accuracy REALLY come together - which it truly did.

    On the Meta per se tho. This there is dead stock and that small stamped piece of sheet metal there and how its hooked up is how the Meta keeps basically any and all hammer bounce to a dead stop.
    Nifty. As stated, the team around these guns is fairly young and in this case.. a good thing. They DO walk the extra mile.

    As some of you are aware i design and make my own moderators. Idea this time was to experience the effects of an overly large one, what ample internal volume brings to the table. And it does. Suppressor volume goes hand in hand with power output, no surprise i hope. Since a while back though ive become REAL anal about keeping my PCPs REAL hush. Thus..

    Since though that absolutely MASSIVE can has gotten a new home.

    Yeah cause see, here next to its new shooting buddy. My Impact M3 (which since is what carries that insane suppressor. Sure works no doubt.) The Meta now carrying a 40mm jobbie.
    This is where it takes on a tad of a.. "different" take cause the Meta is adjusted to hit harder than the Impact (way harder actually, 140J vs approx 100J). Whats more the Meta is more accurate doing it too. Hence.. theres a 800mm slug liner to be installed to the M3.
    However. Now this just my OPINION.. theyre really night n day while at the same time so similar. What really sets them apart though is the difference in hang tag, cause thats no laughing matter.
    What im saying is that this Meta has shown to be one of the extremely few PCPs thats just come to impress me more n more the more i work on it, the more i shoot it.
    Am i saying its as good as an M3?

    No. The Meta still takes that its owner isnt of the flavor that carries all thumbs. As it NEEDS modifications to shine, but then again.. handed that.. daaaayyyum!

    Where were at she friggin screams. She really does, and no matter if 12fpe or FAC in you guys case.. it tells a bit as far as the qualities this thing sports - you just need to lurk them outta there. Hence, a gun for the shall we call it advanced DIYer.

    Yep! Even ran her completely sans shroud there for a while trying to figure potential accuracy out. All parts of the game i guess.

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