thanks to all who attended our SANDS charity shoot. exellent turnout today with lots of new faces. the big raffle prize, the daystate redwolf went to simon eley!!!
another big thanks to all those who contributed to the charity including ernest doe dontating lots of goodie bag for all those who attended. unsure how much was raised as of yet but will be posted later on. brand new trophys were won for those top of thair class. thanks to the organisers and catering crew aswell.

scores are as follows

0.22 andy day 48
0.22 jason sandell 45
0.22 jake wallace 38
junior james westgate 26
Open gordon smith 56
Open david lugo 49
Open james green 49
Open paul joy 46
Open thomas yates 46
Open andrew moules 46
open shaun woodley 40
Open johnathan foster 38
Open kai joy 36
springer jake day 56
springer steve kill 35
springer martin blackwell tba
sticks earl lange 56
sticks jonathon franklin 55
sticks keith warburton 48
sticks adam maizy 43
sticks gary clemence 43
sticks ray smith 42
sticks dave nice 42
vets bob truett 54
vets rob pierri 51
vets simon eley 49
vets alan blundell 48
vets david etheridge 44
vets keith jex 41
vets alan payne 40
vets squeaky doors 38
vets adrian kingsbury 32
ladies toni bingley 55
ladies joanne cogger 49
ladies dominique rudd 30

oue next shoot in december will be ammounced later.