Many thanks to Buxted for hosting us today - a good turn out and we were lucky with the weather for our opening round.
Class Winners:
1st Anwar Ghazi
2nd Richard Woods
3rd Howard Kalisch (Count back)
Recoil Gary Chillingworth
Ladies Kate Douglas
Junior Oli Usher
.22 Dan Measures
Veteran Mark Rackley
Sticks John Gray

Team name The Usual Suspects
Team members:
1 Anwar Ghazi
2 Richard Woods
3 Dan Measures

Air Arms Bag winner: Alicia Franks
Bonus Bunny Winner: Graeme Cargan

0.22 Championship results:
1st Dan Measures (Shoot off)
2nd Graeme Cargan (Shoot off)
3rd Nick Byrne

Look forward to seeing you all at the Oaks on the 17th December