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Thread: Looking for a 303 .316 mold

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    Looking for a 303 .316 mold

    Hi Guys and Gals,
    This is a bit of a long-shot but I'm after a 303 mold that drops at .316, weight around 165gr to 180gr.
    Any one have one just "lying around" collecting dust by any chance?

    I'm also looking for a .316 sizing die for a Lyman and some once fired .303 Berdan brass.

    While I'm at it, I'm also looking for a pet Unicorn.

    All help appreciated

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    If you have a mold already but casts a smaller size like .314 etc you can beagle it like the Americans do .
    Basically you but some adhesive heat resistant aluminum foil and place a carefully cut out strip on each face of the mold so the mold is essentially bigger . Then just cast away and measure and resize if necessary.
    It does work as I used to do it on martini Henry dies to cast them at .470 etc
    If you cannot locate the foil I can send you some down but it is easy to source . Worth a try

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    NOE do a .316 mould the comes in around 170gn

    My No.4 runs at .314 in the throat so I size these down to suit.

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