Aselkon Arm MX6 Review

Aselkon Arms is a Turkish manufacturer of military rifles and beautiful ornate shotguns but in 2021 they produced a line of airguns that are now available worldwide with a two-year warranty.

The MX6 is a big brother to the MX5 with the difference is the MX6 has a 500cc tank, producing 90 shots from a tank, and the MX5 has a 320cc tube. I purchased a regulated, .177 calibre MX6 and have been using it for several months now. It looks beautiful with its Turkish Walnut stock and bright black finish. Some may be put off by the curve in the stock but I think it adds style including the grip and forestock checkering. The raised cheekpiece is for right-handed shooters only with no left hand available.

It has a rubberised shoulder butt pad and the stock continues under the air cylinder. Underneath is the regulator manometer and the fill port are nicely recessed into the stock and includes a recessed thread for a bipod or sling. The barrel is fully shrouded and is equipped with a thread for a moderator that is included in those countries where they are legal. A weaver rail sits atop for the addition of a scope as there are no sights on the rifle.

The cocking action is a lever and again right hand only. When shooting, the action is smooth enough but could be improved. Curiously, Aselkon does not provide a single shot tray and loading a single pellet is difficult and requires one had either side to find the breach and push it past the breach O-ring. The two 14-shot magazines supplied are cheap looking and similar to other airgun manufacturers and I found them awkward to load and prone to occasional jamming. I have remedied these issues with third-party products that I will review later.

Tuning can be performed but it is not easy and requires disassembling the rifle to access the regulator and trigger hammer. The manufacturer claims 900 fps and 35 joules but I will confirm these later when I put it through the Chrono.

I have topped the rifle with a Vector Veyron 6-24x44 FFP scope and although I am in the early stages of testing to find the right pellet, I am happy with the quality of the rifle.