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Thread: Bash dates for your calendar 2024

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    Quote Originally Posted by les allam View Post
    You must be slowing down a bit mate (regarding the all night drinking) .
    Those pellets were probably some that you picked up off the grass and kept for future usage .
    Itís a sad situation when you have to miss a Bash event, I canít make the September bash owing to going away on holiday.
    For some reason the missus wasnít happy with me trying to change the dates ldwink.
    Have some quality time with your brother 👍.
    Cheers Les. I guess I wonít see you until next year then mate
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    Quote Originally Posted by NewPaul View Post
    Cheers Les. I guess I wonít see you until next year then mate
    Itís always a pleasure seeing you and the other Boinger folks :cool.
    Take care Paul and enjoy the September bash.👍

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    Summer Bash August 3rd and 4th 2024

    Cocked it up
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    Once I'm certain of what the plan is around then I'll sort my booking as I should be able to hire transport if I need to and get a roof over my head for atleast one night if I've done sums right.
    If I bring a cake can people please shout if you've an allergy as I don't want to ruin anyones bash with a trip to A&E, I will reserve my right to shoot anyone that dares sing happy Birthday and all guns, booze and sports cars can be sent to the usual address for the 1st, the actual dreaded day.
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