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    Remington T-Rex Bullpup

    Just bought the above rifle, and thought I'd write down my first impressions...

    Straight off, I have to say this is my first PCP... I've had springers since the age of 12 (53 years ago!), but in the last 30ish years I've concentrated on powder-burners.
    I bought the T-Rex because we saw a rat in the garden, so it was a good excuse to buy something I could use in the garden.
    It was also (A) cheap, (B) small air cylinder so I could pump by hand, and (C) a bullpup... I love short guns.

    Anyway...I picked the rifle up from the LGS, who also gave it a fill to about 200bar.
    Unboxing it there was the rifle, an instruction booklet, one 10 shot mag (this is .22 flavour), and a small bag containing spare o-rings, and the filling probe. It also came with a scope and rings.
    The unbranded scope was instantly tucked away in the bottom drawer, hopefully to be forgotten about, but I did use the high rings with a Hawke scope. The rings needed to be high, as the fixed cheekpiece puts the head quite far above the bore line.
    Once the scope was fitted and (very) roughly boresighted along the picatinney rail, I set a target up at about 16 yards, and fired a few shots to get it zeroed.
    I then dusted off the old FX chrono, and dug out the 3 tins of .22 pellets I had with a previous springer, H&N FTT, Accupel, and Falcon Accuracy Plus.

    I started putting 10 shot groups on the target, realising that its a new gun, and switching pellets will need a few groups to get the best out of the accuracy.

    I started with the H&N, that didn't seem to group very well, and was going about 552fps, giving around 10ftlb.
    I then tried the FAP, and that seemed to have potential, starting to form good groups of one large hole, and going a bit faster... average of 565fps, and 9.6 ftlb.
    Switching to the Accupel, it didn't really seem to like those at all...large groups, and slower, averaging 544 fps and varying between 8.6 to 10.1 ftlb.

    At this point, I noticed velocities dropping, so checked the gauge.. it was in the lower part of the green section, so time for a pump up...

    I'd bought the cheapest pump from Amazon... £32.., connected it up, and started pumping... boy thats tough work..! being old and unfit it was a proper workout to get it back up to the middle of the green section. At that point, I thought thats good enough and gave up..! definately something to do in stages..!

    Once I had decent pressure again, I went back to the H&N pellets.. after a couple of groups they really stated to come together, and the last 10 shot group was a 1cm diameter hole...enough for me to decide that they're the pellet to use with this rifle.

    Overall i'm pleased with it, a little disappointed that its only putting out about 10 ftlb, but that plenty for punching holes in targets, or rats, in the garden.

    Its small, light, and does whats needed.

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