a new area was added to the course causing all limited wind and range knowledge to go straight out the window! big thanks to the course setters, organisers and catering crew!

golden shot 19 winner was Jake Wallace

bounus bunny winner 20 was Tim Norton

Results are as follows

0.22 Andy Day 46

Open Gordon Smith 51
Open Rob Pierri 46
Open james Green 44
Open Joanne Cogger 43
Open David Etheridge 41
Open Kai Joy 40
Open Stuart Gage 40
Open Ian Trotter 38
Open Jake Wallace 36

springer Kelly Loveday 41
springer Jake Day 39
springer James Mason 32

sticks Earl Lange 48
sticks Gary Clements 44
sticks Lee Sands 43
sticks Paul Joy 43
sticks Alan Blundell 37
sticks Tim Norton 36
sticks Adam Maizey 34
sticks David Nice 26
sticks Ray Smith dnf

vets Simon Eley 42