Ev’nin’ all ( trifle late due to BBS site issues)

Mentioned more than once while we were there on Sunday, but a HUGE thank you to Dave Barnes and his merry crew who hosted today’s SIHFT round. Needs bearing in mind that our visit and the course we shot today, came on top of a ‘big’ FT Grand Prix (50 target) round they hosted a couple of weeks back and a round of the UKAHFT Nationals held there only last weekend. And all three courses were different. That’s a lorra lorra work and we thank you for it.

52 Sussex (and further away) souls shot today’s round, including our favourite couple from the far (very far) East – Roy and Babs Pearce. I present no apology for mentioning Roy and Babs by name – but they really are the loveliest couple of the circuit and travelled over to Hen Wood from Littlestone!! (look it up – it’s a looong way).

Not quite as damp as the UKAHFT AM session had briefly last Saturday, but they didn’t have as much wind, so today’s top bombers (Oakie Nik Orr and Meonite Mick White, both with 56s) should be very proud of their results. Just a couple of points behind the ‘full’ National UKAFT field a week earlier, when the sun put in more of a showing during the 2nd half of the morning round to shine some light on targets in the darker corners of Hen Wood.

Anyway …. Here are the results from today. If you’ve not seen (or forgotten) the results table layout, perhaps the only column not recognised from its heading is the last one – the “T”. This denotes that this person’s score has been included in their club team result.

Firstname Surname Club Class Score % Badge T(eam)
Nik Orr Oaks O 56 100.0% G(old) T
Mick White Meon Valley Sticks 56 100.0% G T
Chris Theodoulou Theydon O 55 98.2% G
Dave Wade HRPC O 55 98.2% G
Paul Blaxall Meon Valley V 54 96.4% G T
Roger Dibbens Oaks O 54 96.4% G T
Howard Kalisch Buxted O 54 96.4% G T
Charles Peal Oaks O 54 96.4% G T
Mike Burgess Oaks V 53 94.6% G T
Aaron Friend Oaks O 53 94.6% G T
David Henderson Meon Valley V 53 94.6% G T
Adrian Wright Meon Valley O 53 94.6% G T
Dax Browning Meon Valley O 52 92.9% G T
Nigel Carter Purbeck FTC V 52 92.9% G
Kev Catt Bisley O 52 92.9% G
Paul Charman (.22) Buxted .22 52 92.9% G T
Mark Rackley Oaks V 52 92.9% G
David Wheeler Ford O 52 92.9% G T
Stefan Avey Oaks O 51 91.1% S(ilver)
Jon Newton-May Buxted O 51 91.1% S T
Simon Vant Oaks O 51 91.1% S
Paul Bradford Buxted V 50 89.3% G T
Kevin Wickson Buxted O 50 89.3% S T
Matthew Franks Oaks O 49 87.5% S
Jim Hutchen Meon Valley O 48 85.7% S
Hugborg Hudson Meon Valley L 47 83.9% G
Dave Pullen Meon Valley V 47 83.9% G
Richard Wheeler Ford O 47 83.9% S T
Zac Baker Bisley O 46 82.1% B(ronze)
Alicia Franks Oaks L 46 82.1% S
John Knapman Ford O 46 82.1% B T
Martin Nicholls Buxted O 46 82.1% B
Simon Whittick Horsham Sticks 46 82.1% S T
Ihab Alfred Bisley R 45 80.4% S
Dave Barnes Meon Valley V 45 80.4% S
Barbara Pearce MAD L 45 80.4% S
Roy Pearce MAD V 45 80.4% S
Glen Turner Ford O 45 80.4% B T
Kevin Allen Horsham R 44 78.6% S T
Steven Avey Oaks O 44 78.6% B
Sean Heath Meon Valley O 44 78.6% B
Daniel Hudson Meon Valley O 44 78.6% B
Alan Renwick Meon Valley Sticks 44 78.6% S
Tony Johnson Barbarians V 43 76.8% S
Chris Cullen Meon Valley R 42 75.0% S
David Wilshaw Meon Valley R 42 75.0% S
Trevor Hudson Meon Valley Sticks 41 73.2% B
Richard Wickenden Ford O 41 73.2% T
Ray Munnery Horsham O 40 71.4% T
Nick Green-Lewis Meon Valley Sticks 39 69.6% B
Kim May Horsham L 39 69.6% B T
Gareth Bridger Ford O 23 41.1%

All bar one team had the full complement of 5 members. The exception was Horsham (with 4 members entered) and one additional/random card was drawn for them, leading to the following team results :
Club Round 4 scores Round 4 points Total points
Mile Oak 270 12 47
Meon 268 11 41
Buxted 257 10 44
Ford 231 9 35
Horsham 216 8 34

Today’s draw winners were:
Bonus Bunny £52 – Nik Orr
Air Arms Goody Bag – Dave Barnes

Can you spot any errors in this post? Have I spelt your name correctly? Do I have you down for the correct club/class? – please message me directly.

Half way through the 2024 series, so we meet again for a repeat visit to Horsham Hawks on Sunday 28th July.
Other events between now and then – for you to tune your skills – include Round 1 of the Buxted Summer Open HFT on 7th July, a Mile Oak HFT Open the following Sunday (14th) and we the ‘hit’ the next UKAHFT ‘double-header’ at Black Cats on Saturday 20th and Throckmorton on Sunday 21st.

See ya'll soon