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Thread: Daystate Owners Club

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    Daystate Owners Club

    The Daystate site has just come back up and now sports the first makings of the new Daystate Owners Club announced -

    "The Daystate Owners Club welcomes any person who owns a Daystate rifle. The Club is not run by Daystate, but by like-minded enthusiasts. The Club offers the opportunity to get in touch with people just like you, who have a love shooting and appreciate the finer points of these superb rifles and want to make the most of them.

    What do you get?

    A club newsletter is sent out to you four times a year and offers technical help, advice, spares, competitions and special deals open to club members, as well as keeping you informed on all that is going on in the club.

    Many dealers offer club members a discount on their products and services. The club is further supported by the factory themselves; Daystate Ltd. Like any club, you get out of it exactly what you want.

    Message from the Editor:

    Dear fellow airgun enthusiast,

    My name is Tony Tyrer.

    I have owned the guns made by Daystate for as long as i can remember. (since the early 80's in fact).

    My first daystate was a Huntsman Mk1, followed by a Mk2 FTR and then all of the subsequent models produced. I am a long time lover of the top quality and user friendly air rifles that Daystate make. I will put my money up front before a new model is released, safe in the knowledge that it will be a world beater.

    As a member of the Daystate Club you will gain access behind the scenes of the factory, get 10% discount on everything except the airguns themselves and receive regular newsletter.

    Inside you will find a place to join other likeminded Daystate owners in a common belief that we own the best.

    The membership is 15 per year (payable to Daystate).

    I do this as a way of spreading the word about the range of air rifles, whos reputation preceeds them.

    Want to ask the factory?, add a photo of your gun? or just read the articles inside? feel free to join the best owners club of the best air rifles in the world."

    Well they've picked a good day for it - good luck Tony!
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    I'll join - mainly to find out if the problems I have had with Daystate rifles are my bad luck or if there are more widespread problems.

    And I'm sure the Owners Club will be a great resource for fettling and improving .

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    Do you get any free pellets?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveH
    Do you get any free pellets?
    Yeah and you wear one trouser leg turned up and have secret handshakes

    would tell you more about it but would then have to kill you
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    Thumbs up

    Great news for all Daystate owners, you got a web link? 15 quid sounds a right bargin
    [Edit] nevermind, just found it [edit]
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    does that mean they get 10% off pellets. if so can i be a member. i will re brand my air arms
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