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Thread: Suggested airgun shops in Kent?

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    Suggested airgun shops in Kent?

    Hi, All: I am visiting Kent near Maidstone and would like to see some airgun shops. Any good ones? Many thanks! If not, then where would be the closest one?

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    It has to be said that there is a real shortage of decent airgun shops in Kent. I know of one in Dover, though I've never used it myself, but it has'nt got a brilliant reputation. There are also shops in Hythe and West Malling. Tried to visit the one in Hythe once, but it was shut (and it's not very big.) Never been to West Malling, but I seem to recall they are a general 'Country and Tackle' type shop with a small airgun section. Chris Potter's in Tunbridge Wells is similar - they specialise in shotguns, but have a small air rifle section.

    To give you an idea of the quality of the shops in Kent, I bought my FWB P70 from Dowlings, just off the M40 (Berkshire?), and my AA S400 was bought from BAR via the net. The only airgun I have bought in Kent is my AA Pro Sport, and that was from an ironmonger's in Sittingbourne who happen to have an airgun section. Strange as it may seem, I do believe in supporting local shops, but not many of them are able to offer what I'm often looking for.

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    Been to the Dover shop, it's a crick of shot quite frankly

    Hythe Gun Sports has now closed up - he was a bit on the pricey side though, it has to be said.

    Country Ways guns and tackle - very good shop this one, i have been there and the ammo branch is around the corner from the high street shop

    Chris Potter's, tonbridge Wells - Not been in here, been past it mind.
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    Chris Potters is a fantastic shop if you shoot full bore or shotgun the air rifle section is decidedly poor with the odd piece of interest but mainly in that manly calibre. The Saddlery and Gun Room in Biggin Hill is a bit better but not much, been to Westons today in Brighton and although I have got bored of reading the current thread I must say it is much better stocked than the above mentioned. Although my favourite is still Woodys of Wembley with reasonable stock and that wonderful cheque spread.


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    I have always used Chris Potter's.
    Not a huge gun selection but they will get in almost anying and price matched even mail order companies on all the air rifles I have purchased from them.
    They even got me my Ben Taylor Cyclone.
    Ignore their price tags, they seem to make up very high prices but will discount heavily.
    I suppose it looks good in that way but if you do not know this they look very expensive.
    They only seem to like .22.
    Colin is very helpful, ask for him if you call in or phone.
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    might help us a bit more if you let us know where abouts your going to be visiting in kent

    But a few comments about a couple mentioned above, Hythe gun shop lo longer trading. Dover gun shop not too good though not bad selection.

    about the best for hands on would have to be greenfields near canterbury, have a look at thier web site, although they are mainly shotguns/FAC rifles, they do have a good selection of air rifles you can handle (though not shoot).

    greenfields of canterbury

    though like everything else over here you will find them expensive.

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    I'd try country ways at west malling, its got two shops, fishing tackel and shotguns on the high street in west malling, and one just for airguns just around the corner...

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    I'd try Country Ways as well, it's got a pretty good selection of guns and accessories and it's just down the road from my club
    If you would like to pop along to our range when your over drop me a line and I'll send you all our details

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    West malling shop is going down hill! i used to use this as it was extremely good, but now use the one in Ashford. Chris potters is ment to be very good.

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    Countryway in West Malling is good, at least his prices are a bit more realistic compared to other gunshops around, they have a 30 yd range so you can have a go before you buy.

    Quite a big shop really, well worth a look, I drive down there from South London regularly to see what they have...
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    West is a good shop with a good selection of bits n bobs. Its a much better shop if the young lads are in there! opposed to the older guy...

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    Havent been to West Malling for a year or so, but it was a good air rifle shop, the out of town bit had a range and good selection of airguns. Potters tends to have a resonable range of new and 2nd hand stuff, and Chris is a nice bloke. Theres also a 2nd gunshop in Tunbridge Wells, all they sell is shotguns and rifles over 100 years old. Really interesting place to visit and the owner is happy to chat. Tunbridge Wells is also a nice town to visit if you are bringing familly.

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