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Thread: EVANIX (KOREAN) AR6 -pistol-rifle

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    EVANIX (KOREAN) AR6 -pistol-rifle



    The Hunting Master has the highest power output of any commercially built pre-charged airguns in its class. This airgun is manufactured with the utmost concern to quality and engineering with respect to the real demands of the diehard airgun hunter. The pricing reflects a good value for its application in the field. Any .22 caliber airgun ammunition can be used without jamming. An excellent target and hunting air pistol.
    Starting at 3,000 PSI with a 11.9gr RWS Hobby pellet

    1st shot - 922 fps
    10th shot - 685 fps

    Starting at 3,000 PSI with a 28gr Eun Jin pellet

    1st shot - 701 fps
    6th shot - 628 fps
    10th shot - 423 fps

    oK, Now for the review. Don't even read this, just forget the whole thing. You know how every review , or just about every, is glowing and positive about the gun, like every gun is the best thing since sliced bread ??

    Well this one isn't. This gun is only suitable as a wall hanging in a dark pub.
    It is really heavy and not balanced. It is loud, even with a quality mod.
    Sure it will take just about any pellet, but as it is a revolver riding on two roller bearings it gets out of line with every shot. Accuracy, yes, you can hit a large board at 20 yards but that's about it. It has a tiny resevour, and I guess if it makes it to 7-8 usably shots your doing well. The probe it came with didn't work, an FX probe was able to fill it. pistol or rifle mode, you'd be wasting a slot big time. It's ridiculously expensive, even after the recent 50+ GBP drop. (in US $500. from $660.) Oh if you get the whole package, you'll end up with a really nice pistol box, and a BSA pistol scope.

    The long and the short, my dealer advised me to forget about it. I couldn't help myself, after all I am an addict. I feel I took one for the team.
    Don't worry I can afford it. But the humiliation, (sour grapes)
    for those who can help but look

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    Just need to fix your link mate but i like the review, you should write for the British Airgun comics.

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    I have never heard on any other forum or from any other person that the AR6 has problems. After reading a number of your postings and seeing the list of British guns you own, it is apparent that you value British guns as having the highest value. The AR6 is made in South Korea. Could there be some prejudice in your posting about the gun?

    If you found your AR6 pistol to be unsatisfactory, why didn't you return it to Pyramyd Air? I know from personal experience that they have a VERY liberal return policy for guns that are defective straight from the manufacturer. In fact, they stand behind their guns even when some manufacturers do not! Could it be that you did not buy it from them? If so, you probably got a gun that someone worked on...and ruined. That hardly makes your appraisal a fair one. Who knows what the previous owner did to it!? Years ago, I had a friend who bought a TX200 that the previous owner had nickelplated. The gun was inaccurate for a number of reasons, including the fact that the nickelplating had accidentally been sprayed into the muzzle! I did not blame Air Arms, nor did I go on forums and tell everyone that the TX200 is a terrible gun. That would have been ridiculous.

    Since you have an established working relationship with Airguns of Arizona, I can only assume that you are trying to show favor to them as they are a direct competitor of Pyramyd Air. You wrote an article for them about the Falcon pistol. While the Falcon has a British heritage, it might interest you to know that the stock for that gun is made by Evanix, the same company that makes the AR6 pistol you disdain! It's one thing to show favor to a gun and a company, but it is unseemly to do so at the expense of others.

    Because of your relationship with Airguns of Arizona, everyone should take your opinions with a grain of salt. Actually, a 25-lb. bag of salt would be more appropriate!

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    I tried a rifle version of this a couple of years ago, it was offered to me for 200, but the fill adaptor was missing and there was an internal air leak.

    The action works on the revolver principle and it had probably the heaviest/worst trigger I've ever used.

    I tried to obtain some seals and a filling adaptor from the states, but didn't have any luck.

    One interesting fact, I was told, it could be filled with Co2 instead of compressed air.

    Although to look at and handle, I preferred it to a Career, I didn't buy it.

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    Korean Pistol Continued

    Master Shriller Must Be Another Name For Pyramid Air,. No I Have No Business Relationship With Aoa, They Just Have A Lock On All The "great" Guns, So I Buy There Often.

    I Did Try To Work Out Things With Pyramid. They Sold Me The Ar6, At The Same Time They Had It For Sale For A Much Lower Price. They Didn't Even Want To Talk About It. I Don't Do Aggravation, So I've Kept It As A Reminder. As I Still Have It, I Can Tell You The Magazine Is Locked In Place And I Can't Remove It. I Won't Ask Aoa To Help As This Gun Dosen't Mean Anything To Me, And I Would Be Ashamed To Admit I Bought Such A Foolish Gun.

    Best - To All

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