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Thread: How to get an air-rifle in Malaysia?

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    Ashraf Guest

    How to get an air-rifle in Malaysia?

    Anybody know how to get an air rifle in Malaysia? The problem is, right here people don't even talk about air rifling, so I'm not very sure where to go and who to ask.
    Smuggling one from thailand seems an easier option, but kind'a risky, and I don't want to do that.Anybody out there who can help me?

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    rustambana Guest
    Hi Acop and welcome to the board.

    I don't have the answer to your question but have a look at the yellow pages.

    How did you manage the Norica?

    What sort of airgun and firearm rules do you have there?


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    mr magreggor Guest
    If there is one you like or one you have in mind,
    have a look on the for sale section on this bbs.
    You will have to pay a bit extra for the shipping but if you really want one this might be a option.
    If you dont know what gun you want post another topic asking about the types of gun to suit you, people on here will be glad to assist you.
    or you could look through hundreds of posts on the diffeent types of gun !!

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    DocSolo Guest
    Hi Acop,
    it seems that you would need to obtain a firearms licence before you can buy an air rifle in Malaysia. Have a look at the following link:


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    Ashraf Guest


    Thanks for replying! <img src="" alt="Big Grin" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin:-->
    Now at least I'am a bit clear on this matter, after reading the Arms Rules & Regs (TQ Doc). The way I understand it, here, one needs to obtain an "Arms License" (not just specifically "Fire-Arms" license) for air rifle and even for spear gun too. The way they break it down to the tiniest details makes me think that I"ll not be able get one of them legally!

    Basically, what I need to do is to get the licence to posses, then license to carry and use, not to mention the license to game-hunt, and suppose if I want to order one via the internet, I would need to have the license to import arms. Whew! <img src="" alt="Confused" width="15" height="22"><!--graemlin:-->

    Well...see what I can do...
    Thanks for sharing your infos. <img src="" alt="Razz" width="15" height="15"><!--graemlin:-->

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    philwilk Guest
    I lived and worked in Malaysia for 3 years. Illegal posession of firearms and even one round of ammunition is punishable by death. I joined the Selangor Gun Club which is located near to the 'old' international airport in Kuala Lumpur. The club has clay shooting, air rifle and air pistol, full bore and small bore pistol and rifle together with a restaurant, swimming pool and squash courts, not to forget the fishing pond!

    People I met did hunt, but usually in East Malaysia in Sarawak. If you are in Sabah there is another clay shoot south of Kota Kinabalu...the Chinese guy who runs it did 'time' for illegal gun dealing!!

    At least if you join a club you will meet like minded people who then may help you to further your aims!!

    Selamat pagi!


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