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Thread: CP88 barrel extension kit?

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    emstershop Guest

    CP88 barrel extension kit?


    Is there a barrel extension kit available for the cp88?, if so where could i buy one from?. Id like to increase the power and accuracy. Or even just the barrel and hide it in the silencer, just to bump the power up to somewere near the s&w. Ive searched the net but cant find anywere that sells them.

    thanks in advance

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    darrenpetts Guest
    You can replace the 4 inch with a 6 inch. Extra power will not be overly huge though the longer sight base aids accuracy. Bob Ruggles (clubshot on this bbs) ought to be able to sort you one out.

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    emstershop Guest
    ive searched the net and can only find 1 place that sells them i think its uttings. but £50 seems abit dear, do you think its worth it for the extra mv?.



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