I fitted my new 10x42 fixed scope with mp20 ret on this morning
then it was down to the zero range.

I zeroed the falcon at 25 yards then focused at 20
I could still see clear enough to shoot at 50 yards and down
to 15 after that it became fluffy

Not that it matters, in the South West we are allowed to focus
in HFT comp's, hence the reason for a sidewheel scope

The optics are stunning on the falcon and the mp20 ret a joy to use
after a nighteater 12x50
I considered the Viper but I don't seem to get on to well with
them perhaps it's my glasses, I also considered the Bushnell 10x40.

but at the end of the day I chose the Falcon and very pleased
I did , I would recomend the Falcon to anybody, and Rob
at nightvision is a gentleman.