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Thread: Bisley Pest Control for ratting

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    Use .22 RWS Super H Point in AA410, no problem with accuracy out to 20yds, furthest I've tried! Instant kill with headshot plus 1 I hit in the body pegged out without a squeak!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snock View Post
    I've found them to be amongst the worse pellets for accuracy ever made.
    If you shoot them during the day, you can often see that they spiral in mid flight.

    I wouldn't waste my time with them, but you might get different results.

    i'll go with this.bought a tin years ago and tried them in every .22 gun i've owned and still have some left.crap accuracy in every gun i've tried.
    on the other hand i found RWS h points go well in most every gun i've had.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y GWIR View Post
    I've found them brilliant below 25yds when fired out of my old .20 evolution. They were horrific beyond 25yds but I found them to be probably the best pellet available for use at short range against birds in the garden, so probably would be my choice for short range Ratting.

    It just goes to show really how barrels preffer different pellets, sometimes even out of identical guns.
    i use the crosman premier in .177. it hits home very hard, rats hate them.
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    I was given some Pest Control's by the seller (along with some H&N FTT) when I bought my .20 Evo.

    As others have said, I've found them fine for squirrels at 20 yards ish - for anything further it's FTT's.


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    used super h point in my fwb sport for years on squirrels as they suited the barrel as any other pelllets in them days were just to tight in the barrel i now use pest control in a .20 theoben for close shots and i was shooting through the ring binder holes in a4 office paper at the weekend at about 20yrds every time thats about the size of a rats eye, you shoot a rat at that range and you could put your little finger in the exit hole [not that you would want to] also they seem to exert alot of energy giving a real clout shocking your intended quarry,saying that i they dont shoot well in owt else ive got

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    go for dome head the hollow points are too inaccurate.for me anyhow

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    I've got accupels for my dome heads, verminpels for my flatheads and bisley pest for my hollowpoint, will try super hollow points when i can get some though. Will test their accuracy at the weekend. I think the bisley pest will be crap at 20 yards plus, however i have shot a few at a can at 10 yards, and they really messed it up so they do pack a punch, so might be good for close range ratting, first rat i got was at 5 yards, couldnt miss at that range unless i dropped the rifle.

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