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Thread: FAC licence

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    aurin Guest

    FAC licence

    Could anyone point me in the right direction about getting an FAC licence for airguns.

    Im going to get a new gun and if its not to much trouble I would get an FAC one.

    Thanks Aurin

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    Re: FAC licence

    Originally posted by aurin
    Could anyone point me in the right direction about getting an FAC licence for airguns.

    Im going to get a new gun and if its not to much trouble I would get an FAC one.

    Thanks Aurin
    "Right direction" = your local police station and ask for information on applying for a Firearms Certificate (FAC). If you get blanked ("You want a what?") - it's been known - ask for the name of your local Firearms Liaison/Enquiries Officer. They usually/should know what they're talking about.

    Hoping to provide a little more for you, I did have a quick browse through a couple of the Welsh (north and west) police web sites for info. Result - ZIP! Not a single search return on the word 'firearm'. Bit disappointing, compared with my (Sussex) crew, who even have on line FAC application forms and photos of the FEOs.

    "too much trouble" = depend how you define too much. Probably more than we'd like, but could be worse. Depending on local police force interpretation of the law, you should reckon on it costing you ~200, for FAC application and gun security cabinet, before you start buying any kit.

    Best of luck.


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    fa c

    go along too your local nick and ask to see the flo ( firearms officer) its not too much chew if you like a fair bit of paper work and are prepared to buy a gun safe etc and have your ticket renewed every five yearsthink it costs around 50 quid hope this bit helps

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    Snapshot. Guest
    But before you go, make sure you have somewhere to use it. This means land you own (more than your back garden) or that you have written permission to shoot on.


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    Kev. Guest
    Don't be put off mate it is all fairly straight forward, you will need some land to shoot on with written permission, or to be a member of an approved club with FAC clearance, you will need a security device, if you are planning on more than one gun then a cabinet will be needed, but for one gun there are other cheaper options, talk to your local gunshop.
    The paperwork is easy, you will need a set of passport photos, you sign two, and your two referees sign one each. you will need two referees who have known you a while, but not family, I used an old school friend, and my supervisor at work, they also have to fill in a small form each. fill in your form and send it all off with your cheque. give it a week and then phone the FLO too make sure it has arrived, this will also get it to the top of the pile, offer to meet him at the shooting site, and arrange for his home security visit.
    then if you have done your bit rightit should be job done.
    Good luck.

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    aurin Guest
    Thanks for the info guys. Sounds easy enough. Unfortunatly I know what my local police force are like. I may get one next year but its worth a try.

    Thanks again


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    So the sooner you apply the sooner you'll get it.

    Whereabouts are you as the guy from Dyfed/Powys (based in Newtown) sounds really helpfull, I 'phoned to have a general chat about applying and the package was with me two days later!

    Just waiting for the safe to turn up.


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    aurin Guest
    Im in Ebbw Vale in Gwent. I think ill get a non FAC then change the bits when i got the licence.

    I was going to get a Falcon lighthunter but with only 45 shots per charge on normal power i'd be down to only 20 or so shots

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    so did you get an fac after mate..

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    Uh......threads over 4 years old bud. AND he's no longer a user (at least not under that name).
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    deal, kent
    hiya lads , im going for my FAC ,the FO is coming round to go thru filling the form in, anyway what did kev mean in his last post

    "for one gun there are cheaper options,talk to your local gunshop"

    cheers steve
    JB ,FAC superten .22, Dr bob quickfill....ruger 10/22...marlin 795ss

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