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Thread: Gun shop in Whitley Bay

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    steve blurter Guest

    Gun shop in Whitley Bay

    I have heard there is a gun shop in Whitley Bay Tyne and Wear.
    I was wondering if anyone has been there and is it any good?
    Also do they have a web site?
    I am after an Air Arms S400 and thought i might give them a go.



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    Boldon near Newcastle, UK
    I use the shop for my pellets as its easy to get too after work and quite cheap. My mate bought his S10 from him and he was very good with price matching to adverts in the mags.

    I dont know if they have a website but give them a visit anyways. I think theres a couple of other BBS users who visit the shop too.

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    steve blurter Guest
    Cheers for that.
    Do you have a Tel: No. ?
    Cant seem to find it anywhere.
    Suppose it would helpp if i knew the name

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    wasnt impressed when i visited and theres others lot closer to you than that one m8

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    steve blurter Guest
    Where would that be mate?
    i am after an Air Arms S400.
    But would like to buy locally if possible.

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    Whitley isn't too bad if you go with your wits about you - I've had some cracking deals in there purely because he didn't know the value of the item

    On the other hand, if you go in unsure of value then he'll take a lend - when I was younger and less worldly-wise he bought an Original 50 in near-mint condition off me for 30 because "it wasn't worth anything more to anyone"

    My advice for buying kit is to stick to the BBS - you'll get a fair deal on here and there's plenty of advice to go with it

    Shame you hadn't popped up a few weeks ago - just sold a *mint* s400 on here myself!



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