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Thread: welsh clubs

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    welsh clubs

    Anybody know where my nearest air rifle club is??? i live in Neath

    YCHJCYA2PDTHFH Club member

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    Lee G Guest
    There are a few Welsh boys on here, try contacting them.
    Someone like Kev Hughes, Gazo or Sparky might be able to point you in the right direction.
    Be carefull of Sparky though, he suffers with majour PMS when it gets close to an hft event.


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    jonathanjones Guest
    Hi Ben mate, im from Swansea myself as you know.......theres one by me called swansea riflemans club....its in treboeth area....been on site ..looks like a tidy little club....a few tidy ranges...clubhouse etc......

    the other one is quarry in blackwood...a bit of a trek but seems like a better/bigger club

    im awiting my new rifle to come then im going down for a look soon if you want to come along


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    WILBA Guest
    Hi ben, and welcome fellow neath guy. quarry is possibly the best you can go to but i have not been yet myself yet but all the lads that have have said on here they enjoyed it. i think there is also another club in aberkenfig towards where kees guns is. again welcome to the nut house m8.

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    Koz Guest
    It depends on what sort of shooting club you're after.

    Quarry Hunters meet near Blackwood on Sundays and shoot HFT courses and informal plinking.
    First visit is free.
    For me it's a 45mile trip but well worth it.
    Keen HFT'ers from all over travel there.
    It is after all one of the homes of UKAHFT.

    Quarry Rifles meet on Saturdays and they're an FT club.

    Swansea Rifle Club covers has indoor and outdoor ranges (outdoor range open Monday eve and Saturday am).
    They're predominantly an FAC club but there are air rifle and air pistol sections as well.
    They are looking to start up an FT or HFT section. They haven't decided yet.
    Good place to learn about using and loading firearms.
    Indoor 25m range excellent for setting up guns in bad weather.

    There are gun clubs of various kinds all over South Wales though they're not all easy to find at first.

    As WILBA says there is the Tondu club near "Knees", they shoot mainly FT.

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    Llanelli, Wales
    Swansea rifle club isnt too far away from you, i live in kidwely, llanelli and it takes me about 30mins to get there, should be about the same for you i would imagine. there is a website if you wanna have a look
    (taken from my favs sorry)
    PM me if you want to get a number or anything


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    greenshoots Guest


    2 clubs i know of are the following,

    tondu target club in tondu (my club)
    full bore
    black powder
    air rifle
    air pistol/brococks

    tondu field target club uses a quarry at cefn cribwr
    very informal air rifle club

    regards viv

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    Gazo Guest
    Have a look at our site mate Quarry Hunters
    We have members from allover , some members travel from Wiltshire so it must be a good club

    As said before first visit is free so come along and have a go on a HFT course.

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    Gary C Guest

    You obviously have it in for Sammie as much as Pete does, because she doesn't deserve a mention despite travelling all the way from Sussex.......

    Death by a thousand jokes for you boyo....

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