After having a few problems zeroing my scope (rings needed packing at the rear) I had a play with my new Redfield Revolution, first impressions out of the box were that it is well made, the scope has low turrets and the optics are crystal clear.

I mounted the scope then had to pack the ring at the rear, which is no fault of the scope. Focusing is done via a locking ring setup.

Zeroing was a doddle, half a dozen shots then the last 3 in a 3/4" bull at 100 yards.

The accurange has built in aimpoints, given that you zero at 200 yards you have holdover points 300,400 & 500 yards.

I Zeroed at 100 yards and the longest shot I had was at 260 yards which was halfway down the first aimpoint, one click adjustment and it was bang on.

The only criticism I have is that the turret clicks could be/sound more positive but that was the only thing I could fault about the scope. It cost a tad over 200 from Optics Warehouse (on special i think at the moment as they should be 260)

All in all a very clear accurate scope for not a lot of money, It's a point & shoot which is as I like them, no fannying around with side focus, just acquire the target and squeeze the trigger.

Well impressed