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Thread: FWB (bolt throo) foresight needed

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    FWB (bolt throo) foresight needed

    HI all, Hens teeth time?

    Looking for a foresight for my FWB 124 it has the throo bolt type of foresight as opposed to the dovetail type of fiting, seeing as there was such a fad to remove foresights and fit tele's there must be some lurking around in some dusty draws somewhere? very similar fit to the FWB 150 foresight?


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    Hi Stevie, it's the 'wrap around' foresight you are after. Not similar to the FWB 150, same as.
    I managed to source a couple of these from a German company who have them iin stock. Not cheap, but cheaper than prices being payed on the 'bay'. I will dig out the link and PM it to you.
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    fwb sights

    Hi,protek supplies have some fwb sights on misc spares page,part no M76.they dont fit 300 (dove tail fitting) so may be what your after, price 6.90 hope this helps ,ray.

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