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Thread: Walther LG 55 DST

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    Walther LG 55 DST

    Walther LG 55 Tyrolean DST serial number: 115787 A Rare .177 recoiling match air rifle.
    The LG55 began production in 1955 running through 1967 (available through 1974) and was a truly dedicated 10-meter match air rifle. The LG55 is a barrel-cocker with simple chisel detent, heavy weight (yes, a lead weight inside the fore end), 550 fps velocity, full match sights, barrel shroud and a superb adjustable match trigger. This rifle not only has the Walnut Tyrolean stock, it also has the rare DST trigger set. The ones fitted to this particular model are the standard LG 55 DST integral double triggers that are built into the trigger guard as a single unit.

    The rear trigger is used to ‘set’ the front, so that when you breathe on it, it releases the shot. You can shoot the rifle with just the front trigger in normal first stage \ second stage mode if so desired.

    More pictures available for genuinely interested parties.

    £450 plus postage at cost in UK

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    Hi Mark, i'll try to resist anything- except a DST Walther!...Yes please! Email to be sent :-)

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    You have bought yourself a truly outstanding gun methinks! I reckon that for bell target shooting, you really couldn't do any better than a 55. What a superb gun you lucky chap!

    Member, the Feinwerkbau Sport appreciation Society (over 50's chapter) Andy, from the North !

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