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Thread: Sussex Interclub HFT 2022 - Round 5 at Ford HFT (SHOTS ranges)

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    Exclamation Sussex Interclub HFT 2022 - Round 5 at Ford HFT (SHOTS ranges)

    Hi All

    HUGE thanks to Richard and Steb and the (small but select and special) crew at Ford for setting an excellent course. Just as well there was, as Metcheck forecast, absolutely no wind. And even more as well I ignored that and gave a little for some of the plates, which seemed to work. Very aware that for at least one of the (slightly barmy) .22 crew, he was aiming off plate for at least a couple

    Hope not too many of you suffered sun burn; no doubt whatsoever that my very brave and risky decision to leave my heavy winter jacket at home was definitely a good one.

    In addition to the distraction of a small game of tennis, another delay factor in putting this report to bed was my decision to go through all the scorecards in detail. After Round 4, I reported a significant improvement in completion. Today, while I could not find a card without a legible competitor name and all had a witness scribble, there’s still places on the cards which would likely fail muster if you entered a UKAHFT National comp.. I know I’m keeping on about this, but should you decide to ‘go national’ you are risking having your card binned.

    So .. please ensure ALL the boxes on your card are completed IN FULL. Where it says “Rifle”, the answer “Annie” is insufficient. Perhaps that’s your nickname for your BSA Lightning; perhaps it is an Anschutz. But it should also say which MODEL of the make; not just the maker’s name. The only make I know with which you can sort of get away with that is ISP. Ditto the “Scope and magnification” line. The answer “9”, on one card is waaay short of what is expected. We should see make and model of scope, objective lens diameter and the min & max magnification as well as the magnification you have set before your 1st shot. Beside the “IR” field, you entry “---“ tells me nothing. If your scope has no IR device, enter it as “N/A”. If it does, but you choose to shoot with the IR off, write “OFF”

    On one positive side, while there were plenty of score entries which needed a marshal’s signature and notes, all the corrections had been so signed. Well done for that.

    And finally, among the above checks I also had a look at your maths and found only one card with an error. A 55 which should have been a 54. This is corrected on the results but made no difference to the badge earned by the competitor nor for their club team result.

    Anyway, here are the results from today.

    Firstname Surname Club Class Score % Badge T(eam)
    Neil Palmer Throckmorton O 60 100.0 Gold
    Mike Burgess Oaks V 58 96.7 G T
    Graeme Cargan Oaks O 58 96.7 G T
    Charles Peal Oaks O 58 96.7 G T
    Howard Kalisch Buxted O 57 95.0 G T
    Vince Guy Buxted O 55 91.7 Silver T
    Kevin Hills Buxted O 55 91.7 S T
    Mark Rackley Oaks V 54 90.0 G T
    Simon Whittick Horsham V 54 90.0 G T
    Dave Barnes Meon Valley O 53 88.3 S T
    Aaron Friend Oaks O 53 88.3 S T
    Nigel Gosling Throckmorton V 53 88.3 G
    Justin Roberts Ford O 53 88.3 S T
    Kevin Wickson Buxted O 53 88.3 S T
    Gary Channing Buxted O 52 86.7 S T
    Adam Clough Meon Valley O 52 86.7 S T
    Roger Dibbens Oaks O 52 86.7 S
    Jon Newton-May Buxted O 52 86.7 S
    Peter Trimmer Bisley O 52 86.7 S
    Darryle Bundock Oaks O 51 85.0 S
    Steb Martinez Ford O 51 85.0 S T
    Dave Pullen Meon Valley O 51 85.0 S T
    Daniel Smith Bisley O 51 85.0 S
    Chris Theodoulou Theydon O 51 85.0 S
    Glen Turner Ford O 51 85.0 S T
    Tom Haynes Oaks R 50 83.3 S
    Phil Moody Horsham V 50 83.3 S T
    Martin Nicholls Buxted O 50 83.3 Bronze
    Nick Orr Oaks O 50 83.3 B
    Nigel Carter Barbarians O 49 81.7 B
    Jon Dally Bisley O 49 81.7 B
    Nicholas Franklin Iden Fern O 49 81.7 B
    Darren Purnell Buxted O 49 81.7 B
    Adrian Wright Meon Valley O 49 81.7 B T
    Paul Bradford Buxted O 48 80.0 B
    David Henderson Meon Valley V 48 80.0 S T
    John Knapman Ford O 48 80.0 B T
    Derek Watson Horsham R 48 80.0 S T
    Paul Blaxall Meon Valley V 47 78.3 S
    Nigel Buchan Buxted V 47 78.3 S
    Paul Charman Buxted .22 47 78.3 S
    Richard Chase Ford O 47 78.3 B T
    Chris Scholes Buxted O 47 78.3 B
    Darren Brind Oaks O 46 76.7 B
    Kevin Allen Horsham R 45 75.0 B T
    Martin Cook Buxted R 45 75.0 B
    Grant Laurie Ford J 45 75.0 B
    Gary Morrison Buxted V 45 75.0 B
    Barbara Pearce MAD L 44 73.3 B
    Roy Pearce MAD V 44 73.3 B
    Jo Garlick Oaks L 43 71.7 B
    Richard Wheeler Ford O 43 71.7
    Redders Bluer Meon Valley .22 42 70.0 B
    Bob McCreanor Bisley R 42 70.0 B
    Ihab Alfred Bisley R 41 68.3 B
    Nick Byrne Meon Valley .22 40 66.7 B
    David Wheeler Ford O 40 66.7
    Jo Bluer Meon Valley L 37 61.7
    Mark Hannan Oaks O 36 60.0
    Greet Hopper Ford L 33 55.0
    Richard Wickenden Ford R 32 53.3

    For the team results, I’m now reducing the table to just today’s scores and the overall total. Too many columns otherwise. For the first time in this year’s SIHFT, one club (Horsham) was just short of the required members, fielding only 4. As a result, one random card was drawn from the whole pile to make up the shortfall. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the rules.

    Club Round 5 scores Round 5 Points Total Points YTD
    Oaks 281 12 59
    Buxted 272 11 57
    Meon Valley 253 10 47
    Ford 250 9 44
    Horsham 248 8 44

    Today’s draw winners were:
    61 – Tom Haynes
    Air Arms Goody Bag – Paul Bradford

    And finally, today saw us award the first of the 2022 season's Platinum SIHFT Badges - to a pair of Vets in the form of Mark Rackley and Mike Burgess. These are given to competitors who win 5 golds in the season. And of course, I must mention today's excellent clearance (60ex60) by Neil Palmer, winning him one of our rarely issued Clear Round badges.

    Can you spot any errors in this post? Have I spelt your name correctly? Do I have you down for the correct club/class/score? – please message me directly.

    SIHFT Round 6 is now just a fortnight away on Sunday 24th July at Horsham Hawks.

    That leaves only one ‘spare’ Sunday before then and I know some of you will be heading up North for the UKAHFT double-header weekend at Furnace Mill and Nomads. Good shooting to you (and me) at those two events. Otherwise, in the deep South I know that Buxted are putting on a 3-P course (15 targets, all shot prone, kneeling and standing), which is a great way to practice. I have no other events noted in my diary, but if you know of any I recommend you add them to a new post in the Event Announcement page here on the Airgun BBS.


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