Hi you lot

Big THANKS to Derek and the Horsham Hawks’ crew for putting on a great course for Round 6 of this year’s SIHFT. Plenty there to keep you ‘amused’, including lots of challenging but nice narrow lanes in the woods and interesting traps in the field too.

After the almost unbearable heat we had in the first few days of this week, today’s cooler temp and lovely breeze was really rather delightful. Though I do wish the latter could have decided which way it wanted to blow and how strong its gusts were. I suspect that was where most of us dropped points in the field-of-doom

Not found the time or energy to do my score card completion checks, so if you were missing any bits, you’ll get off with this FOR NOW.

Anyway, here are the full set of results from today.

Firstname Surname Club Class Score % Badge T(eam)
Kevin Hills Buxted O 56 100.0 Gold T
Howard Kalisch Buxted O 56 100.0 G T
Charles Peal Oaks O 56 100.0 G T
Vince Guy Buxted O 55 98.2 G T
Steve Britland Horsham O 54 96.4 G T
Roger Dibbens Oaks O 54 96.4 G T
Mike Burgess Oaks V 53 94.6 G T
Graeme Cargan Oaks O 53 94.6 G T
Gary Channing Buxted O 53 94.6 G T
Jon Newton-May Buxted O 53 94.6 G
Kevin Wickson Buxted O 53 94.6 G T
Ewan Hobbs Iden Fern O 52 92.9 G
Tony Johnson Barbarians O 52 92.9 G
Maciek Pajek Horsham O 52 92.9 G T
Owen Wilson ® MAD R 52 92.9 G
Paul Blaxall Meon Valley V 51 91.1 G T
Nick Orr Oaks O 51 91.1 Silver
Gerry Strydom Oaks O 51 91.1 S T
Derek Watson Horsham R 51 91.1 G T
Nigel Buchan Buxted V 50 89.3 G
Aaron Friend Oaks O 50 89.3 S
David Henderson Meon Valley V 50 89.3 G T
Phil Moody Horsham V 50 89.3 G T
Adrian Wright Meon Valley O 50 89.3 S T
Darryle Bundock Oaks O 49 87.5 S
Alicia Franks Oaks L 49 87.5 G
Don Vickers Meon Valley O 49 87.5 S T
Nigel Carter Barbarians O 48 85.7 S
Mark Rackley Oaks V 48 85.7 G
Paul Somerville Meon Valley O 48 85.7 S T
Richard Chase Ford O 47 83.9 S T
Jon Dally Bisley O 47 83.9 S
Matthew Franks Oaks .22 47 83.9 G
Darren Purnell Buxted O 47 83.9 S
Peter Trimmer Bisley O 47 83.9 S
Mick White Meon Valley O 47 83.9 S
Darren Brind Oaks O 46 82.1 Bronze
John Knapman Ford O 46 82.1 B T
Paul Sansom Visitor O 45 80.4 B
Chris Scholes Buxted O 45 80.4 B
Nick Byrne Meon Valley .22 44 78.6 S
Paul Charman Buxted .22 44 78.6 S
Tim Coventry Bisley R 44 78.6 S
Barry Wade Buxted O 44 78.6 B
Paul Bradford Buxted O 43 76.8 B
Jo Garlick Oaks L 43 76.8 S
Tom Haynes Oaks R 43 76.8 S
Damian Pealin Meon Valley O 43 76.8 B
Roy Pearce MAD V 43 76.8 S
Glen Turner Ford O 43 76.8 B T
Redders Bluer Meon Valley .22 42 75.0 S
Gary Morrison Buxted V 42 75.0 S
Justin Roberts Ford O 42 75.0 B T
Sebastion Mazurczak Horsham .22 41 73.2 B T
Phil Beaton Horsham O 40 71.4
Barbara Pearce MAD L 40 71.4 B
Richard Wickenden Ford R 37 66.1 B T
Jo Bluer Meon Valley L 34 60.7
Henry Pealin Meon Valley J 34 60.7
Kevin Allen Horsham R 32 57.1

Here are the team results, from today and the updated overall total.
With Team Buxted’s win today, the gap at the top of the table is now just one point. And it’s also quite close in the lower leagues, with just 5 points separating Meon in 3rd from the Fordites holding up the rear.

Club Round 6 scores Round 6 Points Total Points YTD
Oaks 267 11 70
Buxted 273 12 69
Meon Valley 248 10 57
Horsham 248 10 54
Ford 215 8 52

Today’s draw winners were:
£60 – Paul Charman
Air Arms Goody Bag – Richard Chase.

Apologies to Richard that I had to give him an IOU for his bag-of-splendour. I promise NOT to forget packing it when we meet up at Mile Oak.

Two more Platinum SIHFT Badges issued today- to Charles Peal and Howard Kalish. Good shooting guys, equalling today’s 100% top score of 56, alongside Kev Hills

Can you spot any errors in this post? Have I spelt your name correctly? Do I have you down for the correct club/class/score? – please message me directly within the AirBBS site or use my profile info to drop me an email..

SIHFT Round 7 is two weeks away, on Sunday 7th August, when we return to another club with its own field-of-doom, Mile Oak.

Only one ‘spare’ Sunday before then when, at the moment, I am unaware of any events in the diary. So … you may have a weekend ‘off’ to fine tune your weapons ahead of SIHFT R7, or just have some fun in the sun. On the way home, Vince (my nurse and driver) was muttering about fishing that day.

All the best